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Dear CEO,

Why is it that certain software companies seem to have little difficulty getting their new products successfully to market — while others never see the light of day?

How do a select few get in the financing door, while the vast majority remain out in the cold?

Certainly the standard suspects are important: business and marketing plans, product development, branding strategy.

But the true difference is experience.

At last, someone to talk to at the top

My name is Ed Harris, and with more than 35 years of management and programming experience in the computer software industry, I know how difficult it can be to oversee your entire business while launching a new software product.

As an experienced software entrepreneur who not only possesses the technical skills to design and implement new software innovations, but who can market them expertly as well, I'm here for you to bounce ideas off of whenever you need some expert advice.

The co-founder and former CEO of Persoft, Inc., one of the top 60 software companies in the country since 1983, I've made a career out of solving the issues most entrepreneurs don't even know they need to worry about.

And I can be there for you whenever you need to talk with someone who understands the specific issues you're dealing with, across all levels of your business. I've been there, and I know how lonely it can get at the top.


Let me take care of the issues you're too busy to worry about.

Synnovation can help you make sure your software not only reaches the marketplace successfully, but achieves lucrative results immediately after it arrives:

And with an M.S. in Clinical Psychology, I can also help you solve the personnel issues that arise on an everyday basis with the sensitivity and understanding your company deserves.

How to open the door to financing

Venture and angel capitalists are overwhelmed and wary. They've seen the dot-com world turned upside down over the past year, and they're constantly bombarded with business plan after business plan.

As the former Director of both the national and Wisconsin Software Publishers Association, I not only have the venture and angel capital contacts, but the credibility as well.

Read my own financing success story here!

For example, I recently turned $2 million in venture capital into a profitable software company that earned over $23 million annually

And because I only bring my investor contacts solid, appropriate business plans, they know I save them dramatic amounts of time.

Which means that when I bring your plans to the table, investors know it's something they can count on.


How to transform every part of your business into a profit center

As I'm sure you already know, just getting financing is only the start of all the hard work.

The true test of your software success will come in the trenches. In your technical and customer support. In your product management. In your quality assurance.

But Synnovation won't just help you make sure all your ducks are in a row. It'll make sure all those ducks are adding to your bottom line.

There's money to be made in each and every part of your software business — if you know how.

Put more than 35 years of technical and marketing experience
to work for you

The fun part of being a software entrepreneur is the excitement of doing something no one has done before — and the freedom to make mistakes.

But why make the same mistakes thousands of other software entrepreneurs have made time and time again?

I can help you avoid the most common mistakes that keep the majority of new software products from ever reaching the marketplace — leaving you free to explore and try new innovations without apprehension.


Unique flexibility to serve your company's exact needs

Whether you need me to work closely with your business at all levels, or just serve as a member of your board, you decide how I can best add value to your bottom line.

Plus, to help you keep your costs down, you decide how you'd like to compensate me for my consulting services. I am open to working with you either on a contract basis, equity arrangements, or in special circumstances, a lump sum of imported chocolate.

Free half-hour phone consultation

Give me a call today to find out the answers to questions such as:

Just call 608-231-9999 now and I'll give you my initial opinion at no cost to you.

Wishing you a financially prosperous future,

Ed Harris
President, Synnovation

P.S. Do you want to make your company a consistently fun place for your employees to work? Take a look here at how I turned a simple morale boosting idea into a major public event!

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"Ed Harris provided the Encyclopedia of Personal Finance with the technical and marketing expertise we needed to give our software product the financing and widespread marketibility it has today"

Joe Saari, CEO
Precision Information


"Ed Harris' broad background
in computer science, clinical psychology and business
start-up dramatically reduced
the time and expense to
develop a prototype of our technically complex
employee selection
and assessment system."

J.P. Brocksch,
Chairman and CEO Brocksch Company


"Ed provided useful insights into every aspect of managing
a software company,
whether the subject was
product strategy, personnel, accounting, sales management, or whatever. His experience
in the industry gives him tremendous credibility in
any discussion."

John Corning, CEO CLUES, Inc.


"Ed's knowledge and actual experiences with the life cycle of a business, from getting initial funding to realizing
exit strategies, is invaluable
to any company looking to establish itself and grow.

Paul A. Cardis President/CEO
NRS Corporation