Here's why I can help you:

More than 36 years of management and programming experience

More than 15 years experience as an independent consultant

Expert in program design and program development in a wide variety of computer languages

Master degrees in both Computer Science and Clinical Psychology

Experienced leadership can turn your critical decisions into successes

Founder, Persoft, Inc.
August 1982 - April 1994

In 1982, I co-founded Persoft Inc., a microcomputer software company which specializes in developing and marketing terminal emulation and connectivity software products worldwide.

As the CEO and Co-Chairman of the Board, I was responsible for general corporate strategic planning and I acted as the primary external company spokesperson to the national trade press.

Persoft has been continuously ranked among the top 100 microcomputer software companies since 1983.

Director of Technical Services
Epic Systems Corporation
October 1993 - March 1997

Established and managed the EDI group for a major medical software company. Responsible for the design and implementation of all electronic interfaces between Epic software products and other customer computer systems.

Board and Professional Memberships

Director, Software Publishers Association
1988 - 1990

Director, Wisconsin Software Publishers Association

Director, Precision Information

Director, NRS Corporation
2001 to present

Member, Association for Computing Machinery



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